A rich man once invited a number of his friends and acquaintances to a banquet. His dog thought it would be a good opportunity to invite another dog, a friend of his; so he went to him and said, “My master is giving a feast: there’ll be a fine spread, so come and dine with me tonight.”

The dog thus invited came, and when he saw the preparations being made in the kitchen he said to himself, “My word, I’m in luck: I’ll take care to eat enough to-night to last me two or three days.” At the same time he wagged his tail briskly, by way of showing his friend how delighted he was to have been asked.

But just then the cook caught sight of him, and, in his annoyance at seeing a strange dog in the kitchen, caught him up by the hind legs and threw him out of the window. He had a nasty fall, fainted for a while, and afterwards limped away as quickly as he could, howling dismally.

Before long some other dogs met him, and said, “Well, what sort of a dinner did you get?”

He replied, “I had a quite remarkable time: the wine was so good that I cannot remember how I got out of the house!”

Favours bestowed at the expense of others may not be worth telling about.

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