I first noticed I could see auras on the last Saturday in October. The clocks were going back and I was joking with my flat-mate about having an added hour to party.

“Yeah Dave, and maybe the extra time will mean you get to score for a change.”

Matt glanced over his shoulder to check if he’d managed to rouse me. I didn’t flinch. He was right, my track record with the ladies was dreadful. Friends said I was good looking but that didn’t stop my shyness. Women simply overwhelmed me.

At the party that evening to my surprise, everyone had a coloured glow around them. I stared at the beauty of this phenomenon, mesmerised. People were radiating violets, red, orange, greens and blues. Most with a mixture of colours. I was dumbfounded, never having seen such a thing before. Perhaps I’d eaten a hallucinogenic? The hostess was a vegan and the buffet consisted of many strange looking vegetables—what else could it be? I felt stoned but had only drunk two beers. I wondered if anyone else could see the beautiful sheen people emit? 

I continued wandering around in a kind of daze. Glancing at my reflection in the bathroom mirror I could see my colours too. Wow! Very light brown with tints of blue thrown in.

The next day I slept in late as it was a Sunday. I waited until Matt went out before I switched on my laptop and tentatively looked into what the hell may have happened to me the previous evening. I read that our colour halos are called auras. Apparently, the hues indicate personality and reveal what drives an individual. The ability to see them is not common and often comes with clairvoyant traits. Not always, obviously, as most of the time, I don’t know what is happening right now let alone in the future. According to my research, the colours I gave off depicted a sensitive and emotional person. Yes, that was me.

Matt walked in, a shiny red beacon leading the way. Same as last night. Now I understood why he was such a hit with everyone. A popular dude. His bright demeanour radiated confidence.

Then one day, a few weeks later, I got up and found my aura had changed drastically. Small variations were normal but it had faded and was almost non-existent, shining only slightly, the colour of glass. That scared me somewhat. It felt wrong, spooky even. I had barely got to grips with the fact that I could see them at all, and now this new discovery. Why had it changed?

I suggested to Matt that we go into town for a drink—to take my mind off things. We had a game of pool and a laugh. Being a gooseberry, I left him in the Dive Bar chatting to a blonde and awkwardly slunk off to catch the bus home

Just as I was about to turn a corner I saw a lorry, coming straight for me, onto the pavement, out of control, headlights on full, horn honking. I thought my number was up when a hand grabbed my arm and wrestled me back into a hedge. I fell through the foliage and landed on the grass next to my saviour. The lorry thundered into a wall a little further down the road.

I sat up shaking my head.

“Geez. What just happened?” I turned to see a woman pulling herself up from the ground.

“I was behind you and… well… in the right place at the right time.”

I recognised her from the Bar because she had looked a little strange to me. She didn’t have any glow at all around her body. Very unusual.

“My flat is just around the corner?” she continued. “We could both probably do with a brandy. I’m Penny by the way.”

We passed the lorry. It had a blowout. Just looking at it made my heart quicken and my breathing shallow. What a near miss. I could not believe my luck. Penny had been there to save me—a guardian angel. I had an overwhelming need to stay close to her, so was happy to be invited to her home.

The flat was warm and cosy. We sat sipping our drinks and chatted. What had happened out on the road made it seem as if we knew each other well. Intimate from the start. She must have been about fifty, at least twenty years older than me. Her long wavy hair was grey but well kept. As she spoke, a typical BBC accent, I began to get aroused. My cock stiffened as my balls grew tighter. Her nipples were protruding through the silk blouse, and the skin around her neckline became rosy. Everything seemed magnified right down to her colours. Now they had become visible and were literally illuminating the moment.

Moving from my seat I joined her on the sofa. Had she noticed the bulge in my jeans? Our eyes locked and her generous mouth moved to meet mine. Any uncertainty vanished. I had never wanted someone so badly, buttressed by knowing she felt the same way.

Welcoming my hand under her skirt she immediately opened her legs. Bare thighs, above the stockings, smooth and radiating heat. The type of skin I had often lain awake dreaming of. Pulling her knickers aside I explored her cunt. Wet and silky. At the same time, she freed my cock. Sitting back I allowed her experienced fingers to tease and pull the skin—skilled and gentle. Before lowering her mouth and manipulating it with her lips and tongue.

Then she stopped.

“I want you inside me,” she stated.

The head-on with the lorry and this mature woman’s attention met in my mind. All at once I felt glad to be alive, unabashed and confident, assertive for the first time in my life. Not needing to be asked twice I grabbed the just in case condom from my jacket pocket. 

Penny was already leaning over the sofa cushions. Kneeling behind, I lifted her skirt to be greeted by arse cheeks covered in lacy thrills. My eyes revelled at the sight. I wanted to prolong this vision but my cock took control. I discarded her knickers, nestled my knob at the entrance to her sex and slowly pushed inside. It had been a while, but even so, this woman felt wonderful. Her cunt contracted around my dick, pulling me in further, refusing to let go. Slowly and deliberately I fucked her. Wanting to savour every moment.

After, as I checked myself in the mirror I noticed I had no colour at all. In sharp contrast to Penny, who was still glowing brightly. She spotted my confused stare and smiled.

“Greens, aren’t they?”

“What? You can see them as well? Why is it just us who see them?”

I had so many questions.

She began to explain.

“You’ve probably had a similar experience to me. I first saw them a month before I… nearly died.”

“Hang on,” I interrupted. “So you had a near miss too? ”

“Listen, it’s important. The day before I was rescued my colour changed to crystal, just like you. It happens for a reason. This way we can be identified and hopefully saved. I followed you from the Bar because your aura showed me you were running short of time. It’s what we have to do.”

“But how do you know this stuff?”

“I was told by the man who saved me. Karma dictates that a good deed needs passing on.”

“Right. So now I have to help someone because you did that for me? But why has my light gone while yours has returned?”

“I can’t see them now. I don’t need to since I saved you. Yours will stay blank until you do the same. Then, I assure you, the experience will make you want to grab life by the horns and shake it up.” She laughed.

Getting up she hugged me. I kissed her lightly, saying I’d had an amazing evening.

When she saw me bite my bottom lip, feeling a little lost, she stared intently into my eyes and said, “It will be okay. Forget about me. Get out there and do what has to be done.” 

The following morning I slept through the alarm. I called in and feigned a headache—the computer department could do without me for one day. Walking to the shops I mulled over the conversation with Penny and reminded myself it didn’t matter that I wasn’t glowing. Most wouldn’t know anyhow—they don’t need to.

In the supermarket, all manner of different colours were throbbing in the isles. Amethyst and emerald mingled as a young couple embraced in the frozen food aisle. 

How on earth would I ever find someone who needed saving?

People seemed to notice me even less than before. At work or out with Matt, I had to practically interrupt colleagues and friends to get any attention. Insignificant in all areas of my life. I looked back on the night with Penny and longed for that feeling I’d had when I was fucking her—unafraid of life.

A few weeks passed and the winter weather turned for the worse—snow. Everywhere I looked I saw coloured lights or neon adverts, and the long dark nights meant the auras were brighter and more captivating than ever. I was overstimulated and longed for a break.

With that in mind one Friday evening I finished work early to catch a train to Norwich and spend the weekend with my parents. Glad to be getting out of the incandescent hustle and bustle of London. The 16:32 arrived ahead of schedule and stopped, ready for boarding. As the passengers walked towards the train some of their hues began to fade in colour, their glows becoming translucent – just as mine had that fateful day. I was bemused for a moment before realising this was exactly the state I had been waiting to find, to pass the good deed on. However, I’d expected to be dealing with only one.

I had to act fast. There was more than likely a problem with the train that would mean disaster for these passengers. I glanced to my right at a gorgeous young woman, her vividness faded in front of my eyes from orange to clear. She nodded at me knowingly—I was one of her customers. She worked in the bank. Normally I would never have found the guts to approach her, now it was the only option. But how to explain what had to happen?

Putting my hand on her shoulder I spoke slowly and clearly as if my life depended on it.

“Hi. This is going to sound strange but please believe me. I need your help. I know this train is in some kind of trouble. It is due to leave in 5 minutes. We have to keep the others from getting on.”

She went to speak. I surprised myself by stopping her.

“Don’t waste time. You try and delay them and I’ll speak to the guard!”

She appeared to be looking at my form, my shape. I guessed she was wondering why I had no aura.

“Please,” I implored.

“Okay… I can tell something is not quite right. I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt.”

She was certainly resourceful. Explaining to people the train was about to be cleaned before leaving the station and they needed to wait.

I sprinted up to the front carriage and shouted for the guard, not knowing what I was going to say until my mouth opened.

“My father’s collapsed. I think it’s a heart attack. He’s on the train. Can we please wait until I get him medical attention?”

My voice was panicked anyway and that did the trick. Thankfully, by the time my lie was revealed, the maintenance crew had discovered a fault on the line, just outside the station. The track had split in the extreme cold and our train would have derailed.

Herded into a waiting room while staff sorted alternative transport for us, I sat down with the girl from the bank. I was on edge, knowing I needed to speak to the ones I had saved. Their different shades had now completely vanished. They sensed this and were drawn to our table. Of course, they gravitated towards me as I had with Penny. I told them all why they possessed the ability to see auras and what they had to do next before moving on with their own lives. Only when I was sure they understood I got up to leave. The girl sitting with me was going home.

“It’s all been a bit surreal. Will you come with me?” She requested.

“Sure,” I said. Glad, but not surprised.

She lived a few miles out of town so we hopped on a local train. We had the carriage to ourselves.

Our eyes locked.

“How long until the next station,” I asked, knowing our minds were attuned.

“That’s my stop. It usually takes about fifteen minutes…”

I am unsure who moved first. It was a freezing evening but there was a little heat in the carriage. She sat close. Once again my senses were heightened, I could smell her perfume – a mixture of vanilla and musk. Urgently she reached for my cock. At the same time, I unzipped my fly and my hardness sprang into her hand. Running her fingers along my length, she stroked until I was solid and glistening with pre-cum. Her eyes wide with need she manoeuvred herself to sit on my lap with her back to me, shifting her skirt and knickers. Then, lowering herself, she steered her cunt onto my dick.

I grabbed her hips and we moved in time – as if it was meant to be, gradually thrusting faster to the rhythm of the wheels. I felt for her bud, gently stroking the tip of my finger against it. Moaning she ground down harder. It was all I could do to stop myself coming. But I did. This was not about me, but rather her realising today was not going to be the last.

When the train slowed at the station we smoothed our clothes and jumped from the carriage hand in hand.

It was only then we introduced ourselves. 

“I’m Kate.”

“It’s been a pleasure. I’m Dave.” Both of us smiled and marvelled at this latest twist of fate.

We woke up the next morning entwined. Just as Penny had warned, I’d lost the ability to see auras, although Kate insisted my blues were shining through strongly. The extraordinary events of the last few months were playing through my mind like a movie. At the start I had been the victim. Now as the credits rolled I had morphed into the hero. All I wanted to do was snatch the leading lady up into my arms and embark on our own adventure. But instead, knowing she needed more time, I stifled the urge and got up to leave

Immediately she asked me to stay. I hugged her and even though it was the hardest thing I’d ever done, with my hands cupping her face I explained,

“Remember, a good deed needs passing on. Go save a life. Then, if you still want me I will be waiting.”

She did, and I was. 

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